Updated: Best Android antivirus apps

And they’re all free! Keeping your beloved Android phone secure from viruses should be a priority. In these days when news of major corporate entities being attacked is far too common, it’s of paramount importance that you do your bit to protect your own personal information. Oh, and backing your files is important too, so a few extra tools necessary for the job should be at hand. To achieve this end, here’s a list of excellent free apps that have great track records.

Android app 01

Lookout Mobile Security

In not so many words, Lookout is a comprehensive package that features anti-virus, data back up, and even a GPS locator. A wonderful combination.

Android app 02

AVG Mobilization

Scan media files, find you phone using Google maps, and backup your precious data. Critics and bloggers alike have recommended this.

Android app 3

McAfee WaveSecure

WaveSecure was actually purchased by McAfee, who were no doubt aware of this app’s potential. A highly recommended app for back ups, WaveSecure also uses a unique retrieval system for when the phone gets lost—an emergency number becomes available for call while it’s on lock mode.

Android app 4

Last Pass

Is basically a very robust and comprehensive password manager.

Android app 5

History Eraser

The title leaves little to the imagination, for sure. A sweeper app that’s essential for those users who want to clean their data of excess baggage. If you feel burdened y a sizable call log and other junk, History Eraser is your app of choice.

Android app 6

Keeper Password and Data Vault

Hyped as “military grade encryption,” this actually isn’t free—the trial version is. If you pay, there’s cloud back-up and WiFi data sync guaranteed. Worth it.

Android app 7


Allows you to store crucial data with its DropBox feature.


There you have it. Open the individual links to access these apps via the Android Market where vids and reviews in abundance can give a more comprehensive breakdown of their merits.


Via: ZenilShroff