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Secure Your Android with Free Avast Mobile Security App

December 21, 2011

If you have been an Android user for several months, you already have an idea of how versatile the platform is. Considering that it has an open-source platform, it only means that you need to be on top of things and be protective of your device. Thankfully, you’ve got avast! Mobile Security to help you gain the assurance that you need that your device will be protected!

avast! Mobile Security is the beta version of the typically used Avast Software for desktop protection. Apart from providing an antivirus component, the mobile version of the app also serves as a web shield. It helps Android users protect their smartphones against potential risk of malware and dangerous threats to your computer.

Just 11 days after the free app was introduced in the Android market, the software has gotten the approval of its many users. The free app is capable of features that are specific for Android devices such as premium SMS blocking, anti-theft measures, malicious app scanning, link scanning, and even two additional features that only work with rooted devices.

When asked why the app is currently available for free, the company’s marketing director Miloslav Korenko answered that they are no longer focusing on making money. ‘It’s about visibility.’ While the app is being offered for free, plans of monetizing it are to be expected in 2013.

Aiming for the convergence of an antivirus and antitheft app, Avast offers a number of features that truly serve its purpose with its Android phone user. If ever the phone gets stolen, the app can be utilized into tracking its location through GPS. Furthermore, it is capable of remote SMS commands that can perform certain tasks like sounding an alarm or even wiping data from the device.

If you have resorted to rooting your gadget, you already have an idea that your phone is now susceptible to security threats. One way you can improve your security is to utilize the app’s firewall feature. Moreover, the app has been developed to hide itself from other people—making it hard to disable or remove the app.

You can download the app by clicking this link.

What do you think of this app? Do you have any plans of installing it on your Android? Let us know in the comments below.


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