Every year, Black Friday brings some pretty amazing deals in the tech department. We are glad to report that Android tablets and phones are certainly not left out this year. Yesterday, Sears’ Black Friday deals were leaked, and posted online for all to see. Aside from all the nice tools and ladies’ dresses, Android tablets are getting quite the sale.

Going from the deal on page 14, an Android tablet is included in the “door buster” deals. The tablet is an off-brand device called the X-treme Tab 7, and as you can guess, it is a 7-inch device that supposedly runs Android 4.0 and includes 2GB of built in memory and WiFi support. If those specs sounds awesome to you, you can pick one on Thanksgiving night at Sears for just $40.

The deals on page 29 include three more off-brand tablets that range from $70, for a 7-inch tablet, to $120, for a 10-incher. That page also includes a pre-paid Net10 phone on sale for $49 with no contract.

Now if you are looking for a little more familiar brand, Sears has got you covered. They are offering the 7-inch Galaxy Tab 2 with Android 4.0, dual camera, and more, all for only $177—that certainly beats Google Nexus 7 in price. If you would prefer a 10-inch device instead, Sears is selling the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 for $297.

Sadly, tablets are your best deals when it comes to Sears, but the Black Friday leaked prices are just getting started. Who else is excited to see what Amazon, BestBuy, Wal-Mart, and Target has coming our way?

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