Android apps like Fuugo Video are known as video aggregators. They basically look for, gather, and playback online videos from multiple sources across the web. This way you don’t have to visit every video streaming site you know just to watch their content. Two notable features of Fuugo Video are its search categories and UI. The former already includes popular services like YouTube, Break, and Fuugo itself. The latter meanwhile is designed in such a way that you can easily access most of the apps functions.

Using the main interface

Fuugo Video’s UI is designed as a sequence of multiple columns. This is the reason why it only works on a landscape orientation. Each column represents a section such as playlists, featured video, search categories, etc. All you need to do to navigate through the sections is swipe either left or right then tap on whichever function you want to activate.

Playing a video

On the featured video section, there are arrow keys that let you quickly switch to the next file. There are also controls for showing the video’s info, going into full screen mode, and jumping forward or back by 5-second intervals. Even in the middle of playback, you can add to the Favorites folder or recommend the video via Twitter.

Doing a search

You can do a typical keyword search or you can use the app’s search categories. Just tap on the Catalog option found on the homescreen to get there. As mentioned, YouTube is one of the supported services. There is actually an option that allows you to use the official client for playback. Once you get your search results, the app allows you to save this as a playlist. You can then set it to automatically update with any new relevant content that comes up. Now you don’t have to repeat your search the next time you use the app. Take note that Fuugo Video is only meant for streaming video, so it won’t play files stored locally in your device.

It is recommended that your Android tablet or smartphone should at least have a WVGA (Wide Video Graphics Array) 800 x 480 resolution. The developer states that a version for smaller displays is in the works. In the meantime, enjoy an easy and uncluttered viewing experience with the current release of Fuugo Video.

Via addictivetips