We received news about a GPS problem with all 2011 Sony Xperia Android phones. For users of the phone, it was pretty common for them to encounter losing GPS signal every 5 minutes unless they use a data connection. But even with the data connection available, the problem is also occurring in some devices.

If you are a SE user, this is the problem that you will encounter:

To get rid of the issue, you will need to restart your phone. However, this only works sometimes. Many have even found that an updated version of Google Maps is causing this problem. But even some users who have uninstalled the Google Maps’ latest update, still encounter the issue.

Based on our source, Sony Ericsson has already been alerted and is now investigating on what the problem is caused by. Apparently, all of their Sony Ericsson phones that have updated to 2.3.3, ARC, ARC S, NEO, NEO V and more.

As soon as we get more information, we will be sure to upload on AndroidAuthority.com. We would like to thank Mr. Joachim Buhl for alerting us of this issue.