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Scroogled campaign goes after Chromebooks with the help of ‘Pawn Stars’

It looks like the Scroogled campaign is now setting its sights on Chromebooks, enlisting the help of the 'Pawn Stars' to help further spread misinformation and half-truths.
November 26, 2013

When Microsoft started selling anti-Google merchandise as part of its “Scroogled” campaign, we didn’t think they could get much lower, but I guess we were wrong. The anti-Google antics continue, this time by using the popular reality show “Pawn Stars” to attack Chromebooks.

In the commercial, a Chromebook owner comes in looking to sell their device for some extra cash to go to Hollywood. Rick quickly informs the would-be seller that the Google-powered laptop is just a brick without the Internet and “not a real laptop”, never mind the fact that there are a growing number of offline apps.

Rick then goes on to talk about how the Chromebook is just another way for Google to steal your data and sell you ads. He concludes that he can’t buy the laptop from the person because he doesn’t want to get Scroogled.

This is just another sad attempt by Microsoft to attack Google through half-truths and misinformation, this time hoping to use celebrities to make Redmond’s message seem more believable. Because reality TV stars always tell the truth.

What’s most interesting about this ad is the target: Chromebooks. Is this a sign that Microsoft finally sees Chromebooks as a real threat? Or perhaps it’s just further proof that Microsoft is desperate and will do whatever it can to slow Google down.

All in all, the ad is actually mildly amusing, even if it’s full of major inaccuracies that feed off of already false perceptions regarding Google’s Chromebooks. What do you think of the ad and the entire Scroogled campaign? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.