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Microsoft is at it again: New Scroogled video 'leaks' to the net

Ah... Microsoft, when will you ever learn? Here we go with another Scroogled video, this one allegedly 'leaked' to the net without Microsoft's consent.
May 16, 2013

Ah… Microsoft, when will you ever learn? The Scroogled campaign hasn’t done a whole lot of good for your rep, and still you continue down this road with yet another new video. This time, Microsoft claims that the latest ad was supposedly “for internal use” only and “accidentally” leaked to the net.

Obviously that’s a little hard to believe given Microsoft’s previous attacks on Google, but let’s say this really is an internal use video. If that’s the case, that means this was used for what, training? Or maybe an attempt by Microsoft to bully/scare its employees into fearing that Big Brother Google is watching them? I suppose it could of also been just for chuckles. Who knows really with Microsoft.

There is also the (STRONG) possibility that this was a controlled leak, timed to coincide with Google I/O – especially since Google just announced it is basically bringing Google Now functionality to the desktop Chrome browser, which doesn’t bode well for competing browsers like Internet Explorer.

We obviously can’t prove it one way or another, but Microsoft hasn’t exactly flooded the web with take down notices for this ad or anything. What’s really interesting is that this latest Scroogled video directly parodies a real Google Chrome ad:

Besides being a direct parody (same Chrome logo, same music, etc), the message is largely the same as always: Google be a’watching you! Duck and cover!

Looking at Microsoft’s latest video, I have to admit that is at least a little funny, but the whole campaign is just getting old. Personally, I don’t mind Microsoft. I have a dual-boot of Ubuntu and Windows 8 on my main PC after all. I just feel that this current tactic is doing the company more harm than good.

Let’s move on Microsoft, find another way to win them customers over, besides fear and bullying.