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Attention writerly types: Scrivener is currently 50% off

Scrivener is the ultimate drafting and organization tool: whether you're keeping app development on track or writing the next great novel.
December 22, 2016

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Back in the days of yore, writers had to resort to crude methods of transcription to bring their genius to bear on the world. Parchment and ink quills gave way to typewriters, and eventually we made our way all the way to Microsoft Word.

However, innovation has continued, and once you make the swap to Scrivener, drafting in Microsoft Word will feel as archaic as having a quill and an ink well on your writing desk.

Scrivener is more than just a word processor. It’s a complete writing environment that’s used by professional writers all over the world. This software helps you keep your ideas outlined, your research consolidated, and your scattered notes organized. You can also use it for project management to keep your app development on track.

Scrivener usually runs for $40, but right now as part of a holiday promotion through Tech Deals, you can pick up this popular writing suite for just $20.

Sure, it’s a little outside of our wheelhouse at Android Authority, but when the team saw one of our favorite pieces of software go on sale, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to let our readers know.

Scrivener in a glance:

  • View & edit different sections of your writing in isolation or as a whole
  • Take a “snapshot” of a document, then edit & rewrite knowing you can restore an earlier revision at any time
  • Easily storyboard & rearrange your project
  • Utilize the fully-featured outliner to take control of the structure of your work
  • Switch to scriptwriting mode for automatic or custom formatting—then export to a dedicated scriptwriting program such as Final Draft
  • Use the name generator to create pseudonyms for interviewees or names for fictional characters
  • Automatically back up your projects as zip files each time you open or close them

So stop writing like you’re living in the past. Get an organization tool that fits the multitasking and complexity of the modern world. Click the button below to read more!

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