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Reading Scribd documents on Android  with Scribd Reader app

March 20, 2012

If you’re a student, a teacher, or just someone who loves to read, you’ve probably heard of Scribd, the popular online multi-format document sharing, social publishing website that lets you access documents and books.

The site carries a wide variety of topics covering health, music, politics, science, literature, and even more–practically packing everything you could ever want, Scribd makes researching for your school project or presentation a dream.

Scribd’s use isn’t limited to individuals in the school setting, however. Writers can also get their work out into the world through Scribd. If you’ve got a document you’d like to share with the world, whether it’s your own writing or an electronic copy of a book, Scribd allows you to upload to its network. If Scribd sounds too good to be true, then it gets better.

While Android users were previously only able to access the website and its database through the original website or third party clients, accessing Scribd directly from your Android device is now possible.The official Scribd client for Android has just recently rolled into the Google Play Store, which gives Android users the power to search for a document they need and to read it directly from their Android devices.

Looking for text on a certain topic? Input your keywords into the search tab and you’ll see a list of documents that may just match what you’re looking for. The app also gives you recommendations about documents you might be interested in. You’ll never have a boring commute home or vacant period in your day again.

Once you’ve chosen a document, tap it to read it in full screen. You can even use the usual pinch-to-zoom gesture to zoom in and out of the document. Swipe left and right to turn pages.

If you’re afraid that you might forget the names of the documents you had been looking through a few moments ago, you can check them out in the Recent Docs tab.

If you find the text on your document way too small and eye-strain-inducing, you can adjust the size of the text according to your preferences. The text will be automatically reordered for your pleasant reading experience.

In terms of bringing Scribd to Android, the official Scribd reader App is pretty straightforward. At the moment, users can’t upload and download documents or share documents with others, but these may be features we’ll see in future versions. In terms of giving you access to a rich library of documents, however, this app certainly delivers.

If you’d like to start accessing Scribd’s vast document library, download Scribd Reader free from the Google Play Store today.