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Screebl: Auto disabling screen timeout according to phone tilt angle

April 20, 2012

Don’t you just hate it when you’re in the middle of an article, and you’re leisurely reading through it when your phone’s screen just blacks out. You’ll have to wake your phone again and find your place in the article to finish reading. Rinse, repeat.

We can’t blame our phone for needing to rest, because it’s only trying to preserve energy after all. As long as you’re not touching the device’s screen, there’s a tendency for the phone to hibernate. Of course, we can always extend the screen timeout, but it’s counterproductive to conserving battery life. There are some tips out there on the Internet to help Android device users to conserve their device’s power, but today’s energy-saving tip comes from an unlikely place.

Introducing Screebl, developed by keyeslabs. Screebl is an app that gives you control over your device’s built in power-saving features, but how it does it exactly is a little peculiar. In fact, Screebl monitors how you hold your phone. It’s not how hard you grip your phone,of course, but in how you tilt your phone. When we’re reading something, we do tend to keep our phones in a certain position, and that is not flat on a surface but at a tilt. Screebl can pick up on the angle at which you hold your phone and it’ll keep your phone from hibernating and your screen from blanking.

Once you install Screebl, you’ll see a small icon shaped like a smartphone. If you hold your phone at a certain angle to read something, Screebl’s icon lights up in green. This means that Screebl will keep your screen from blanking out as long as you hold that position. If you move out of that position, the icon turns white. Because Screebl runs in the background, you won’t feel bugged by it and in fact, it might even become part of your routine.

When you put your phone down on a flat surface, such as a table, Screebl automatically detects that you are no longer holding the phone at a reading angle and will allow the screen to blank out. Pretty handy, isn’t it?

Because of this, Screebl also helps you extend your battery life. Imagine dropping your screen timeout to just a few seconds but you won’t need to worry about your phone suddenly hibernating because Screebl is running to keep the phone awake.

Go ahead and enjoy that article you’re reading, or that video you’re watching. As long as you’ve got your phone at a tilt, Screebl won’t allow your phone to hibernate. Though Screebl already has a default angle to keep your screen from timing out, the app also gives you the option to adjust it to your liking.

Since we don’t all hold our phones in the same manner or at the same tilt, adjust Screebl’s Orientation Range. If you want to get extra specific, adjust the Portrait and Landscape Orientations too. You can even choose to disable Screebl when it’s docked or when you’re charging your phone.

If you’d like to enjoy an article, watch a video, or just study a picture, Screebl is available on the Google Play Store in several forms. Screebl Lite is the free version with limited features. The paid version of Screebl packs features such as locale 1.x plug ins, tasker integration, icon choice, better detection algorithms, and screen timeout set from Screebl. Last but not the least, Screebl Beta is available for free, with improved hardware compatibility, battery consumption and stability but missing a few features.