sciphone-n12PMPToday have translated and summarised a recent article originally by non-English website m8cool regarding the SciPhone N12. It is rather strange that this phone was originally going to run a rip-off of our most favourite open-source operating system, Android. Ironic, right? Especially since ripping Android off would surely be more work than just using it. Anyway, allegedly they saw sense in the end.

Specification wise, the SciPhone N12 is actually on form, packing a 3.2MP camera and a 3.2-inch touch-screen to view those precious snap shots. Pumping the WiFi, GPS system, Bluetooth, and CMMB TV is a Marvell Monahands (624MHz) + Qualcomm MSM6246. The radio weighs in as quadband GSM + WCDMA (3G). The device is meant to be landing at around $234 (yuan) next week on the 25th of June.

Overall, the SciPhone N12 is actually a fairly well rounded device, although our guess is the battery life may suffer. It might not be the most original device, but considering the lack of Android devices, we can see it grabbing some impatient custom.

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.