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Scientists develop spray-on Lithium-Ion battery that could turn any surface into a power source

July 10, 2012
spray on battery

With all of our gaming, constant email checking, and Facebook abuse, it’s a wonder that smartphone batteries can do the job all day. Researchers at Rice University have created a battery that consists of 5 layers, which can be applied by spraying to just about any surface. This new version of the battery will pave the way for more flexible devices and possibly even new types of designs.

To demonstrate the new technology, researchers applied the spray-on battery on nine bathroom tiles, which managed to power a set of LEDs that spelled out “RICE” for a full six hours. The contraption successfully produced a steady 2.4 volts. Furthermore, the batteries were even put through a 60 charge-discharge cycle, which proves that the spray-on battery can be recharged and reused.

The researchers have already filed for a patent and say that they will continue to re-work the battery design. They envision the batteries as snap tiles that can be moved and re-configured in different ways.

We have already seen different types of bendable devices and even flexible screens. Now that spray-on batteries might make their way into consumer devices, how do you think they will affect the future? What kind of devices do you think this technology will help to create? Let us know in the comments below.