Despite ongoing lawsuits, Google has confirmed plans to release a new tablet in just six months. The statement came as an affirmation of future plans of the company and it was heard straight from the mouth of Google’s Chairman, Eric Schmidt, giving the information to an Italian newspaper. The report is that they will be releasing a new Nexus tablet.

As of the moment, the Motorola Xoom still holds title of the first ‘Nexus’ tablet; running on a moderated stock version of Google’s Honeycomb OS. The Motorola tablet is also the first to contain the ICS OS.

According to Schmidt:

“In the next six months we plan to market a tablet of the highest quality,”

But when asked who will be manufacturing the device, Schmidt did not give any specific answer. We can only speculate that it will still be Motorola, considering Google is in talks of closing a $12 billion deal to buy out Motorola Mobility. However, we also wonder if this will be awarded to Samsung, especially since Google has shown a large interest on their recent Nexus phones. In fact, Samsung has already proven themselves as a worthy OEM partner to Google.

Well, who could blame Google? With all the bad reputation several Android tablets have received along with Honeycomb’s release, it is only high time that a new and true Nexus tablet will be released.

Oh, and juicy details: Schmidt has given us all a break by confirming rumors of Project Majel, the fiercest competitor of Siri!


[Source: Mobile Syrup]

Christine Torralba

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