SB Wallpaper Changer review

What is SB Wallpaper Changer?

SB Wallpaper Changer is a live wallpaper application that changes your wallpaper periodically. What it does is set the wallpaper and then you can set when it switches to new wallpapers. This is great for people who get bored with their wallpapers easily or for those who want to emulate this feature on desktop operating systems.

Here’s how it works. You get SB Wallpaper Changer and set it as your live wallpaper. Then in the settings you can set a trigger that will tell the app to switch up your wallpaper. There are a lot of options including locking and unlocking your device, changing to and from landscape or portrait, by a specific time interval, and you can even set a widget button to change it whenever you want. Once you get everything set up, it’s just a matter of hitting that trigger and your wallpaper changes to something different.

The app design is pretty standard for a live wallpaper so there’s nothing surprisingly there. It’s easy to use and to set up so we don’t anticipate a learning curve. You can include directories and sub directories on your SD card or internal storage which means you can curate your wallpaper collection over time and increase the number of wallpapers the app will choose from. You can also choose the order images appear by name or you can randomize it.

SB Wallpaper Changer review

These developers get sick of their wallpapers frequently.


Lets you change your wallpaper whenever you want with minimal effort.
Triggers include a widget button, time intervals, switching orientations, and more which is nice.
You can manage what images show up and in what order.
Free with no in app purchases.


There are issues based on your device. The developers do have FAQs in the app description which is nice, though.
There is an admittedly small number of people who would find this app useful.

Bottom Line

Bottom line is that this is a simple application that can performs a single task. If you get bored with your wallpapers on a frequent basis, this is a great app to help remedy the situation. There are enough features to make trying it worth your while. Check it out!

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