Want a one-stop app that will bring you all the latest news in the sports world at your fingertips while connecting with other sports lovers? The Android client for the popular SB Nation site is now available for free download from the Android Market.

With the official SB Nation app, you can be at the forefront of sports news and updates about your favorite teams and players, be it on or off the field, through the site’s aggregate of over 300+ blogs.

The Newsfeed tab allows you to select which sports teams to keep track of, notifying you of any updates on the dot. Content is filtered through your chosen Lineup,which you’ll need to customize to fit your interests. This makes sure all the important information gets to you fast.

The Following tab serves as a running overview of all the content you’ve subscribed to. Communities are alive with commentaries, so you can easily share your stories and thoughts with like-minded fans. Support your favorite sport and team, while interacting with avid fans through discussions. Adding comments to posts will require an SB Nation account, but you can easily register from within the app itself.

Each update you’re following contains further related stories, filtered based on the settings (team, player, sport, etc.) that you’ve specified. Blogs that come in to your feed are grouped by the blog topics themselves, as well as by sports fans worldwide.

To view comments on news stories, tap on the Comments option below each story to view them in a new screen. You will then have the option to mark all comments as read, refresh the feed, or scroll down quickly to the top and bottom of the comment list.

If you’re thirsting for sports news and you want sports updates in just one app, try the official SB Nation app for free from the Android Market.

What sport are you a fan of?  What are your favorite sports teams?  If you haven’t tried the SB Nation app, how do you keep tabs on news about your favorite sport or sports team?