I remember checking out my first Linux-oriented phone, the Qtopia. At the same time, phone would-be manufacturer, Saygus was busy pulling its corners together to unveil its device, the almighty Vphone. This was back in 2009, as feature phones popularity were dying out. Since then, we haven’t heard much from the maker.

The company just announced it has procured $8m in funding. In August 2011, it had said Verizon’s “open development¬†initiative” had been met with a thumbs up from both sides; the Vphone was supposed to be nearer to shelves than it had ever been. So what happened?

Nobody knows, really. An SEC filing as of late, is about all the public has to go on from the mysterious Saygus. Here’s the problem: if nobody knows about Saygus with the likes of Samsung , LG and HTC duking it out, will anybody care about smalltime Saygus?

The latest news from them is only $1.3m has been actually committed to financing. We’re hoping it’s all being dropped into the advertising budget.

Would you be interest ed in the Vphone if Verizon ever sold it? Do you think Saygus will make good on their words this time? Ponder aloud in the comments below!