What is Save the Comet?

Save the Comet is an arcade game that combines arcade style elements with endless runner elements and uses physics and gravity style controls to help you guide the comet away from danger. It is free to play with in app purchases.

The game’s claim to fame is in the game play and controls. You don’t actually control the comet that you tasked with keeping safe. Instead, you control the elements around the comet. You use things like the gravity of planets to change the course of the comet and you must figure out a way to blow up other comets and obstacles before it destroys the comet. If the comet crashes, it’s game over.

It features some trance-style music which isn’t unpleasant and the graphics are simple 2D sprites over a starry background. There are four “levels” you can play in that are named after nebulas and the various stages are named in the lingo of astronomy which only adds to the atmosphere.

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A little bit of something different, a little bit of something similar.


A unique twist on an old concept in that you can control anything other than the protagonist.
Google Play Games achievements.
If you really want to, you can turn off ads. The in app purchases are reasonable.
Graphics and music are pleasant and add to the experience.
Challenging game play takes a while to get right and that makes it interesting.


As with all endless runners, repetition can become boring.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a unique endless runner and it does a good job of taking an old concept and doing something a little different. It’s free to play so there’s no financial harm in trying it out and if you really like it, there are in app purchases available to buy the game. If you’re into endless runners, this is a good one. Also don’t forget to check out our interview of the developers, MogaMecha.

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