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SanDisk is nearly ubiquitous when it comes to storage options. They have been a trusted supplier of micro SD cards for Android devices for years and there are many people who won’t buy anything else. They also have frequent sales via the Amazon Gold Box Deals and now they are having another one. It’s a pretty sizable sale with well over a dozen items. Here are the details:

MicroSD Cards on sale! 

SD Cards on sale! 

USB 2.0 Flash drives! 

USB 3.0 Flash drives! 

SSD’s on sale! 

It’s a huge sale that covers everything from micro SD cards to SSDs so if you’ve been meaning to upgrade your storage then this is a great option. It’s also pretty good to see the 128GB microSD card make an appearance since it wasn’t released all that long ago. It has the lowest off (23%) but that puts the price at $100 which is the cheapest it’s been so far. It’s also always a good idea to grab up a flash drive or an SD card for this cheap because you’ll never know when you’ll need them.

To take advantage of any of these deals, simply click the product in the list above and you’ll be directed to the corresponding product on Amazon. Do keep in mind that like most Amazon Gold Box Deals, this sale is for today only. That means if you want to get these products at these prices, you’ll have to act fast!

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