Glu Mobile brought a new game called Samurai vs Zombies Defense 2 to Google Play Wednesday afternoon. The game is the sequel to the original, which can also be found on Google Play. Aside from a couple new warriors and a bit more content, there really isn’t anything new to see.

With the sequel comes two new assassins: the Kunoichi Assassin and Armored Ronin. Glu Mobile has also added a ton of new weapons and skills to outfit your new warriors with at your disposal. You wouldn’t want to go to a zombie battle with old equipment!

So far the game has been well received with a 4.7 average rating and the majority of its reviews being positive. The great thing about Glu Mobile’s new game is that its free, though if you so choose you can shell out real money for in-game items. Unlike a lot of games, purchasing items is not needed to get past a certain level in the game.

Do you plan on getting Glu Mobile’s Samurai vs Zombies Defense 2? If you’re up for the challenge of defending your village from the hordes of brutal zombies, you can snag the game from the Google Play Store right now. Just hit the source link below!

Brad Ward
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