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Getty Images via Washington Post

How do you top the most retweeted tweet ever, the “selfie” that Ellen DeGeneres and an ensemble of giddy Hollywood stars took on the Oscars night? I don’t know, maybe get the President of the United States involved?

That’s right, Samsung scored again in the marketing game with another spectacular selfie of Boston Red Sox star David Ortiz and Mr. Barack Obama itself. The camera? Again, it’s a Note 3, and this time good lighting conditions made for a very nice picture.

If you’re wondering what’s with this Note 3-mediated selfie trend, the answer is Samsung’s deep pockets. How deep? $11.5 billion in 2013 deep. Just like with Ellen and basketball god LeBron James, Samsung is paying for Ortiz’s eagerness to whip out the Note 3 and grab a selfie. These deals are generally confidential, but in the case of the Oscar extravaganza, Samsung reportedly shelled out 20 million.

With Samsung spending so lavishly on marketing, smaller players have a hard time competing with the Galaxy line. It’s probably why HTC (through Gary Oldman) suggested you should ask the Internet about the HTC One (M8), rather than rely on some random celebrity to guide your buying decisions.

Bogdan Petrovan
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