Though we still don’t know what took Samsung so long to put the S Pebble MP3 Player up for grabs, we’re happy to be finally seeing it get a (somewhat) wide release. After hitting South Korea back in October, the music player is ready to start selling in the US too.

However, with almost seven months passing since this little guy’s introduction next to the Galaxy S3, a rebranding was called for. Unfortunately, that has only changed things on the surface while leaving the specs as basic as we knew them.

Now called Samsung Muse, the “perfect companion to your Samsung Galaxy handset” will see the light of day in the States with the same chic clip-on design, 4 GB of internal memory and 17 hour rated battery. The Muse (no relation with the rock band as far as we can tell) will support all the usual music formats, including MP3, WMA, OGG and FLAC, but will not come with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth functionality.

That means you’ll need to hook it up to your Galaxy S2, S3, Note or Note 2 with a micro-USB cable, though what’s neat is that you can use the Muse Sync app to transfer songs directly from your phone without having to go through a PC.

Also very neat are Muse’s “measurements”, but be very careful to not drop this little guy around your house – it’s so little that you could well lose sight of it. It’s also light as a feather (only 13.7 grams), so all in all this might be worth the $49.99 Samsung is ready to charge for it.

We still don’t have an exact ETA for the device, but seeing as Amazon is listing it already in both marble white and pebble blue (for an extra 10 bucks), it should not be long now. For real this time. Anyone (still) excited about this? Does the name change make you more or less interested in it?