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Samsung's Latest Android Superphone Concept is Bang & Olufsen Inspired

September 21, 2011

Sure, it might be vaporware for now – but it still looks good, doesn’t it? Samsung isn’t showing any indication that they are resting on the laurels of their latest and greatest – the Samsung Galaxy SII; and with rumors of their Galaxy S III in the wind too, it’s only likely that they’d continue to climb the superphone podium, especially by collaborating with respected and innovative brands like Bang & Olufsen.

Samsung’s latest industrial-chic concept is heavily influenced, and arguably inspired, by luxury electronics manufacturer Bang & Olufsen. Known for their sleek looking, industrial designed products, this particular superphone looks to be incredibly thin, and features a slightly curved  design.

While still quite thin at the bottom, it features a dock whereby it can plug into an attractively equipped dock that works to amplify the beats pumping out of this very aesthetically pleasing device.

While no pricing, specs, or availability have been announced yet, it is known to have a 4.3 inch display on board, as well as an 8 megapixel camera. We’ll keep you posted as more develops.

You like the looks of it? In a short time from now – it won’t be about specs anymore – just design, and what you like the look of best.