There isn’t that much buzz surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini after it was officially unveiled, no thanks to the phone’s rather weak specs.

But if you have a thing for a Galaxy S3-lookalike in a smaller form factor, you’ll be happy to hear that the Mini has been deemed safe for usage by FCC. The rendezvous also confirmed that the phone won’t be shipping with a 4G LTE radio.

At the time of its introduction, Samsung said that the company wants to meet the demand for a 4-inch phone in the European market. This – and the lack of 4G LTE – is a sign that it may not be offered in the U.S. anytime soon. The green light from FCC, however, opens a path for the S3 Mini’s future arrival in the country.

Given its strong resemblance to its bigger S3 cousin, the mid-range phone can become a hot item if priced right. As a reminder, the Galaxy S3 Mini packs a 4-inch Super AMOLED display with 800 x 400 resolution, a dual-core 1GHZ NovaThor processor, 8GB/16GB onboard storage, microSD support, 5MP rear camrera, VGA front cam, NFC, and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Bams Sadewo
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