Samsung has a penchant for over the top marketing campaigns, but this latest one is probably one of the zaniest yet.

Here’s the premise: soccer stars including German legend Franz Beckenbauer and Argentinian demigod Leo Messi will have to fight off a bunch of mean-looking aliens hell bent to take over our planet. Luckily (we think), the extraterrestrial bullies have agreed to an all-or-nothing soccer match against Earth’s finest, that will decide our collective fates.

Back to earth for a second, the campaign is dubbed Galaxy 11, and has just kicked off in earnest. So far, Samsung teased it with crop circles-style markings in London, New York, and Rio de Janeiro, and the presence of “aliens” at a few high-profile European matches. Beckenbauer will play the coach and Leo Messi (who’s no stranger of Samsung ads) will be the Galaxy 11’s captain. More big players will probably fill out the team’s roster in the following weeks.

Here’s Messi’s grand entrance:

You may ask, what do aliens, soccer, and Samsung have in common? Well, obviously, the Galaxy 11 will use Samsung’s Note 3, Galaxy Gear, and Note 10.1 to stave off the attacks of galactic invaders, in an Ender’s Game with balls kind of mash up. Head over to if you want to learn more or just stick around and tell us your opinion on Samsung’s latest stunt.

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