Samsung’s Epic 4G series gave the world a pair of very good phones. Delivering a host of features for their prospective users, the basic Epic 4G and the Epic 4G Touch are popular choices for many a person on the go. There’s some good news for those who already own one – their awesome smart phones are only going to get more awesome. A new kernel source for both the Epic 4G and Epic 4G touch is available and this can only mean that an OTA update will soon be released.

Samsung’s open source portal, Samsung Open Source, has the kernel source and other needed data to update the original Epic 4G to EL30 ready for download. For the Epic 4G Touch, the same data is available, however, the update is up to EL29 only. It’s usually a good sign for an upcoming OTA update that kernel source code has been released. In the past, Samsung has always promptly followed the release of such information with an update to Over-The-Air protocols –  a great boon for many a developer and modder seeking to improve their phones’ capacities.

The bonus to this news is that Sprint may be planning to disable the use of Carrier IQ software on the Epics via the update. They’ve already disabled it on their side and they’ve pushed HTC to strip it out of  the HTC EVO 3D. It is expected that they will continue the trend with the Samsung update – pushing the Korean giant to disable the data-collecting software, which should make quite a few people happy.

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