Samsung Galaxy Note 3 owners can now wirelessly charge their handset and protect it to, thanks to the newly introduced wireless charging S-View Flip cover. As you might guess, this accessory combines a typical S-View flip cover case with an official wireless charging cover.

Up until now, you’ve either had to settle for one or the other we products like the Note 2 and Galaxy S4, so this new combo case is a welcome accessory. Of course the wireless charging S-View cover doesn’t come cheap at $69.99. Keep in mind that this doesn’t include the charging pad, which will generally cost you around $30-$40 extra — making for an extra investment of $100 or more.

Is paying an additional $100 worth it for the added pleasure of wireless charging? If you find yourself using your phone for hardcore gaming and intense battery-sucking activities, it could certainly be worth the money to have the luxury of being able to throw the Note 3 on a charging pad quickly without hassle of a USB cable. Then again, not everyone is bothered by the idea of using a traditional USB cord.

For those that are interested in picking up the cover, you can get your hands on it directly from Samsung in your choice of black or white.

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