winter olympicsImage source: Olympics 2010

With just 24 days left to go until the opening ceremony of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, Samsung has launched its official Sochi 2014 WOW (Wireless Olympics Works) app.

Despite the odd name, Sohci WOW contains all the content you’ll need to keep up with the games, and then some. The app contains a breakdown of each country’s performance, lets you follow individual athletes, and has a complete schedule for the games. There are also simple explanations of all the events for the uninitiated, pictures and video clips taken from the events, and not forgetting the all-important medals table too. It’s a pretty exceptional little app.

Samsung Sochi 2014 WOW

Sadly Sochi WOW appears to be locked to Samsung devices only at the moment. I’ve managed to install the app on my old Galaxy S2, but the Play Store currently claims that it’s not compatible with any of my other devices. We’ll have to wait and see if/when Samsung opens up the app to everyone else.

The app is currently available on the Google Play store, or Samsung customer’s also grab it through the company’s own AppStore.

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