samsung galaxy note 4 charcoal black aa 16

Earlier today we learned the Note 4 will go up for pre-order in the UK and US starting tomorrow. For those that are planning to upgrade from an older handset, Samsung has now announced its “guaranteed $200 total trade-in” promotion.

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In short, if you pre-order the Note 4 between tomorrow and 10/16 through any carrier or retailer, you’ll be eligible to trade in an existing handset for $200, even if the phone isn’t worth that much. As you can expect, there’s a bit of a process involved for getting your money back for the trade-in, but this could be a heck of a deal for those with older handsets like the Galaxy S3 and Note 2. For those with newer devices, you’re probably better listing your phone for sale online, as you’ll likely get much more than just $200.

For more details on the trade-in process, you’ll want to head on over to Samsung’s website. Anyone plan on trading in their aging handset for the Note 4? Conversely, do you feel most folks are better off selling their phones online?

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