The Californian Samsung vs Apple trial is over. As everyone likely knows by now, Samsung didn’t exactly get the verdict it was hoping for. And with Samsung owing Apple over $1 billion, according to the verdict, one thing’s certain, Samsung isn’t pleased.

So what happened when Samsung’s Chairman, Lee Kun-Hee, first was briefed over the news regarding the verdict? While we can only guess what was said by him before the briefing, an unnamed Samsung executive has reported the Chairman’s response following the de-briefing.

Exact quoted words here,

“The chairman calmed down and slightly closed his eyes after he was briefed. But he didn’t say anything further.”

What’s next for Samsung? The Korean company has affirmed it will fight the verdict and it’s clear the Apple vs Samsung war is far from over. What matters now is how they move forward.

It’s important that Samsung makes it clear it is focusing on innovative and exciting products that are nothing like what Apple is delivering. IFA made it clear that Sammy is more than capable of delivering great products that are as non-Apple as can be. The Galaxy Note 2 and the Galaxy Camera are two of the strongest examples of this unique innovation.

Last but not least on Samsung’s agenda is a new threat against Apple. If the new iPhone arrives with 4G LTE, Samsung says it is prepared to take Apple to court over the matter. Samsung has about 10% of the patents surrounding 4G LTE and hopes that they can leverage these patents against Apple. That’s if they can make an argument against them being ‘standard’ and falling into FRAND territory.

What do you think Samsung’s focus should be going forward? Fight the good fight against Apple in court? Or instead should they put most of their focus into delivering products that prove to the public that they don’t need to borrow from Apple design?