Did you know Apple and Samsung are locked in a vicious legal battle? It slipped under everyone’s radar, right?! Well, they have been, and the newest round of legal wrangling promises to heat things up again.

The previous (Dr. Evil-esque) verdict of $1.049 billion was reduced by Judge Lucy Koh to about $598 million, citing jury error in calculating damage. While many companies in a similar situation would just pay the fine, find ways to mitigate their losses, and go on about their business… Samsung is cut from a different cloth. The second trial between Apple-Samsung, which encompassed 14 Samsung devices Apple claimed violated their patents, will be re-opened at Samsung’s request, and will be much like the first one. Samsung wishes the jury in the new trial to re-hash the same argument, which is whether or not the devices in question actually violate Apple patents.

The new trial will also bring a fresh verdict, one that could end up biting Samsung right in the apples. Samsung realizes that the $598 million adjusted verdict could disappear, be greatly reduced… or jump far beyond the original $1 billion mark. It’s a risk that Samsung has, undoubtedly, calculated carefully.

Samsung has no intentions of letting this skirmish die gracefully, and that’s okay. This isn’t so much about 14 devices from the past, as it is an untold amount of future technology. Both companies clearly feel this sets a very distinct precedent, so we’ll be sure to keep an eye on this new trial.

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