The Samsung versus Apple legal war is almost over, at least in the California trial. Samsung has now rested its case, after letting us know just exactly how much they were seeking if they won their side of the infringement suite. While Apple is asking for a staggering 2.5 billion, Samsung’s claim is a bit smaller in comparison, though still very much a large sum at $421.8 million.

There are several patents that Samsung says Apple infringed upon. The first three are utility patents covering things like email, photo browsing and music playback. When Apple infringed on these patents, they really didn’t cause Samsung any loss of sales, so the amount being asked is simply what they would have charged Apple for licensing the royalties for them. These three come to a total of $22.8 million.

The next two patents are a bit bigger and that’s where the bulk of the money Samsung is asking for comes from. These two UMT patents are standards-essential patents, and therefore Apple argued that they should be offered under fair use.

The bottom line is that both sides are asking for as much as they can in order to “teach the other a lesson.” With how much is at stake, I’d attempt to settle things outside of court if I were Apple or Samsung- then again, I’m clearly not. Who do you think will be the victor, or do you think they will settle at the last moment?