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Inside Samsung's torture labs: video shows how the Note 2 is stress tested

This video is probably not going to be as exciting as those where the phones bounce off the concrete, however it does give a rather interesting look at what Samsung is doing to stress test their smartphones.
November 26, 2012
Samsung Stress Test

We are probably missing something here given the language of the video, nonetheless, it is still rather interesting to watch. The video is a Samsung released video and it offers a look at how some of the stress testing is done. And while some aspects of the video are probably not all that surprising, it seems to be worth the few minutes it will take to watch.

Some of the goodies shown in the video include a button pressing machine and even a fake backside that tests how well a device will hold up if it is sat on. Samsung also does rain testing as well as testing with keys and coins. And if the rain wasn’t enough, they also take what appears to be a hose and spray the devices. There is also a drop test.

Of course, all that being said, we are fairly certain that device tests and drop tests that are done by parties other than Samsung are a bit more fun to watch. After all, while this is probably comforting to Samsung device users on some level, we suspect some enjoy the destruction that can be seen in videos such as this a bit more.