A one-of-a-kind love triangle is trying to bring the fruit-inspired tech company down. We all know how Apple started this legal battle against Samsung and the former recently filed an appeal to put off importation of such Android-powered Samsung phones into the US.

Samsung was fortunate enough to get support from Verizon and T-Mobile. The two companies joined forces by seeking an adviser from the Federal Court for the Northern District of California and filed an appeal in relation to Samsung’s ongoing copyright claims.

Even though both appeals were already accepted, the court’s response is yet to be determined. Apple tried to win the case by persuading the judge to ignore the opposing appeals. They believe that it was not at all relevant to the case. Unfortunately, District Judge Lucy Haeran Koh turned down Apple’s request.


On the other hand, Apple will be pointing out some issues to invalidate the statements of Verizon and T-Mobile. This is what Apple came up with to bring down Samsung’s defense and eventually lose.

The issue is getting a bit complicated right now, with the appeals of Apple and Samsung being finalized. The question now lies between Verizon and T-Mobile. The court may not accept their appeals in a positive way but the backing of these two companies will definitely be a plus factor for Samsung and increase its chances in winning the case. Judge Koh’s verdict is expected to be revealed this coming 13th of October.

via Android Police