Being the last major carrier in the U.S. to release the Samsung Galaxy S3, Verizon is drawing some flak from customers for its decision to ship the phone with an encrypted bootloader. The locked bootloader is a potential problem that owners of Galaxy S3 on the other three major carriers in the country don’t have to face. While it doesn’t necessarily close the flashing custom ROMs door for Verizon customers, it certainly makes it harder.

With Big Red hasn’t exactly been a big help, it’s up to Samsung to set things right — or at least give a helping hand to the tweakers and tinkerers at xda-developers and any other places. Samsung has a great track of releasing the source code of their phones, as it has done in the not so distant past for the AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint variants. Now that Verizon Galaxy S3 is about to hit stores, the company has finally released the source code for the Verizon variant.

The Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 source code – a whopping 218 MB in file size — is available to download on Samsung’s open source website. The released code should provide developers with some much-needed ammunition to deal with the locked bootloader ordeal of the phone.

It’s a shame that Verizon has to make life unnecessarily hard for its customers. Though we have faith that the developers will pull through even without the source code, the extra bit of security possibly means that the development of custom ROMs and the likes for the phone will initially be lagging behind its peers.