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Video: Samsung uses unicorns to show their phones are for businesses too

Samsung just uploaded a new ad to YouTube that features employees of a game development house using their new Samsung smartphones. Some aren't too happy.
January 20, 2013

We’re huge fans of Samsung’s ads here at Android Authority, which is why we’re always thrilled when the company uploads a new video to YouTube. Their latest clip features a fictitious video game development house that needs to launch a game in four weeks called “Unicorn Apocalypse”. Cheesy, but bear with us, it gets better.

The ad starts by showing the head of the company saying that employees can now use whatever smartphone they want at work. You then see one guy using a BlackBerry, mocking his colleague for using a Note II. There’s a sly rebuttal, which is expected. Then there’s a woman trying to show her colleague how having one phone is better than two, but this colleague refuses to dump her iPhone/BlackBerry “system”.

It’s a funny video, just 90 seconds long, and it highlights something that’s currently taking place in companies of all sizes and in all countries. As smartphones become the computing device people spend the most time interacting with, employees are going to want to pick something that they feel helps them get the most work done. The “BYOD”, short for bring your own device, movement is strong, and it’s only going to become more important with time.

But can Samsung attract corporate users? We think so, because Samsung is also in the PC business, meaning they can sign contracts with other companies to provide them with laptops, desktops, monitors, smartphones, tablets, and just about any other gadget an employee would need to get his or her work done. Samsung is also taking security seriously with their SAFE hardware. SAFE stands for Security and Feature Enhancements.

Will Huawei, HTC, or even Google, copy Samsung’s SAFE initiative? We certainly hope so, because that just makes the market more competitive, which results in more innovation, and that’s something we can’t complain about.