While details on many of the upcoming Samsung ultrabooks and hybrids have been known for some time, as of last night the pricing and lineup have been finalized.

Samsung unveiled its new lineup at a press event last night in New York City. While some all-in-one desktop PCs were shown, most of the spotlight was on Samsung’s ultrabooks and “Smart PCs,” which are tablet/laptop hybrids. Every device shown at the event runs Windows 8, even the hybrids, and Windows RT was conspicuously absent.

While the Smart PCs may be interesting, one can’t help but wonder how well they’ll do against the competition given their pricing. The cheapest Smart PC unveiled was the ATIV Smart PC 500T, which runs $650 without the detachable keyboard. Prices go up from there.

Most of the announced devices will go on sale October 26. The full list follows:

Desktop PCs

  • Series 7 All-in-One — $1,700 (27 inch) $1100 (23.6 inch)
  • Series 5 All-in-One — $800 (21.5 inch)


  • Series 9 Premium Ultrabook — $1,400 (15 inch), $1,300 (13 inch)
  • Series 7 Notebook — $1,100 (15 inch)
  • Series 5 Ultra Touch — $860 (Core i5), $810 (Core i3)
  • Series 3 Notebook — $450 – $900

Smart PCs

  • ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T — $1,200
  • ATIV Smart PC 500T — $750 (with keyboard) / $650 (without keyboard)

As we mentioned earlier, no tablets (or Smart PCs) were shown running Windows RT. Many expect that Samsung is planning to introduce devices featuring Windows RT later this year. If this does happen, hopefully they’re more affordable than the Windows 8 Smart PCs.

Are you interested in any of these ultrabooks or Smart PCs? How fair do you think the pricing is?