samsung new ui

Screenshots of what’s claimed to be a new smartphone UI that Samsung is currently “exploring” have surfaced online.

The source of the alleged leak is noted purveyor of inside information @evleaks, who recently tweeted the image above. If the screenshots are authentic, it may mean that Samsung is planning a major redesign of TouchWiz, at a time when the feature-laden overlay is becoming long in the tooth.

Assuming the screenshots are real, we can note that Samsung is aligning the esthetics of TouchWiz with the more modern look of stock Android, iOS, WP, and some competing Android overlays. The design has a generally flatter look, with fewer shadows, and is generally less skeuomorphic than the current TouchWiz. The adoption of a thinner font face is another trend in modern UI design. The Magazine icon in the dock could refer to the new widget-based interface that Samsung introduced on the NotePRO and TabPRO series.

Will we see this new design in a product in the future? There are several possibilities:

  • The screenshots are real and represent Samsung’s next revision of TouchWiz
  • The screenshots are real but they are of a concept, draft, or design proposal
  • The screenshots are fake or they represent something else altogether

We’re just a few months away from the launch of the Galaxy S5, but this is the first report that suggests Samsung is doing a major UI redesign. However, Samsung has been doing a great job at keeping its software products under wrap in the past, so it may be that security was simply too tight for any leaks to transpire.

One thing is for sure – TouchWiz is in need of a refresh, and Samsung knows it. After all, the Korean company’s longtime chairman Lee Kun-hee recently urged his employees to focus more on software, and less on hardware.

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