Samsung Galaxy S4 close up 645px

With the Galaxy S4 set to ship out to 50 countries at the end of this month, the bets are rolling in as to just how many smartphones Samsung will be able to sell. If you’re looking for some insider knowledge it makes sense to ask supply chain insiders who, according to Digitimes sources, are predicting that the Galaxy S4 will ship close to 10 million units in its first month on the market.

Furthermore, the same sources predict that demand will swell to an impressive 30 million units in the second quarter of 2013. The basis for these predictions stems from Samsung’s ever growing reputation as the dominant brand in the smartphone market. Eventually the Galaxy S4 will be launched in 155 countries around the world, propelling the company’s sales figures even further by the end of the year.

Understandably the current tensions in the Korean Peninsula have been worrying investors who are concerned as to whether Samsung’s production and distribution channels will be hindered, which could lead to Samsung missing its targets. Fortunately Samsung has eight separate manufacturing facilities located all around the world, so even if production is halted in South Korea, plants in other locations will be able to pick up the slack.

As a further confidence boost to Samsung’s sales expectations, there don’t appear to be any rumours circulating regarding component shortages, unlike the launch of the HTC One. This is partly due to Samsung’s tight control over in-house production of key components such as processors, panels, image sensors, and memory chips.

It looks like Samsung has covered every possible eventuality, so as long as consumers are willing to snap up the Galaxy S4 as fast as well all expect, I’d say the 10 million units in month one probably quite an accurate prediction.

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