Android in South Korea

Android in South Korea

We have to recommend that you take this rumor with a large handful of salt before getting your hopes up.  Without pointing out any references at all, ModMyGphone is quoting an anonymous “Samsung official” as saying that Samsung will be able to release a Google Android powered phone in the USA in the second quarter of 2009.

The post doesn’t say who the mystery official was speaking to or anything like that, so, as we said, don’t put a lot of faith in this one.

The post also says that the Samsung Android phone will be based on the Omnia (slab, touchscreen) form factor and will be offered on T-Mobile and Sprint.

Anybody else got something to add to this to make us less skeptical?  Let us know in the comments or in the forums.

Update: Ah, here we go.  Something slightly less vaporous to go on.  It appears that the unnamed source for this story is Korea’s ETNews.  This is still weak, though, as ETNews reports that on December 18th “industry insiders” offered up this “information”, not Samsung.  The only thing attributed to Samsung (via an unnamed official) is the Q2 2009 time frame, not the form factor or the bit about T-Mobile and Sprint.