As if launching the Ice Cream Sandwich-powered Galaxy Nexus wasn’t enough, Samsung teases us with a little techie Easter egg in their recent event in Hong Kong  – a shot of the Nexus with a 4G logo, confirming rumors that the HSPA+ version will soon be followed by an LTE release.

So what would be the difference between the two, aside from a faster and steadier connectivity?  Well, it seems that the LTE version would be putting on a bit of weight.   A company representative confirmed that the device’s following release will be a tad bit thicker than its HSPA+ predecessor, but remained mum about official measurements.  Samsung also refused to say where exactly the additional bulges of the current 135.5 x 67.94 x 8.94mm model will be added.

Why the excess baggage?  It could be because of the LTE bundle itself, or it could be that the Nexus needs a larger battery pack to compensate for its additional facilities.  The second option couldn’t be far off, as LTE devices are known to run on so much juice, and no one has yet experienced handling the Nexus for an entire day to see how far the battery would go with the new Android 4.0.   Whatever it is, we do hope to get a phone that wouldn’t die after a couple of hours of heavy use.  After all, nobody would want to be running around looking for an electrical socket in the middle of experiencing “pure Google”.

For the time being, Samsung officials keep their lips sealed about the LTE version of the Nexus.  All we can do is to giddily wait on our seats for official statements on specs, carriers and release dates.

Source: Engadget

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