Samsung Nexus Two

Samsung Nexus Two

Android and Me are pushing a big rumor right now, one that could make a lot of people very happy.

In a recent news post we announced that Samsung have a save the date organized for November 8th for their forthcoming Android phone. We initially thought that this device could be the Samsung Continuum because the time-lines match up nicely. It turns out that this new device might be the Nexus Two, although we have no way of clarifying this statement other than to relay what Android and Me are saying and give our opinion on the matter.

It should be noted, Android and Me are implying that they have spoken to multiple sources close to the product who have all but confirmed the fact that Samsung and Google are working on the Nexus Two. That’s it. This is the extent of what we know. Most importantly, let us keep this in perspective. What we do know is that Google have installed their new giant Gingerbread figurine on their front lawn, along side the other Android versions.  This iteration is now alleged to be called version 2.3 and not version 3.0 as we and many others previously assumed. Google need a flagship phone to launch their newest OS version, and Samsung do great hardware, so it makes sense. What is unlikely is that the Samsung Continuum is the Nexus Two, but right now I feel as though anything might be possible.

I personally haven’t read anything that insists that there will even be a Nexus Two, although I would be surprised now if there wasn’t. Furthermore, other than the Android and Me article, we have no evidence at all to suggest that Samsung and Google are working together on this device. So, after a healthy dose of conservatism, this calls for a leap of faith to believe. It’s up to you, but I know what I think.

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.