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Here's a look at Samsung's Tizen OS [video]

The Samsung Z, announced earlier this week, is Samsung's first Tizen powered smartphone. Here's a closer look at Samsung's spin on the Android OS.
June 4, 2014

Samsung lifted the lid on its first Tizen powered smartphone the other day, which is expected to go on sale in Russia in the third quarter of this year, but we are still yet to see exactly what separates Samsung’s own operating system from its more familiar customised Android experience.

Samsung has promised improved optimization, fast startup times, and “immediate multi-tasking capabilities”, but so far we haven’t seen any of this in the flesh. Fortunately, the folks over at TheHandheldBlog have managed to get their hands on a test unit running the same version of Tizen that will power the Samsung Z, and managed to record a video of their experience.

You’ll immediately notice that the look and feel of Tizen is very similar to Samsung’s Touchwiz UX, with a familiar icon style and blue color scheme, and it doesn’t look like Samsung intends to change up its Android formula that much. Menus, home screens, and widgets all remain fairly familiar, but there is a set of eight persistent applications that are readily available for quick access. In the settings menu there are a few noticeable features, such as multi-window, fingerprint scanning, and screen mirroring.

Proprietary Samsung apps, such as S Health and its image Gallery, make it over to Tizen as well. There’s also a brief mention of the Tizen store, but unfortunately we don’t get to have a good look at it. It might just be me, but the Tizen OS also looks very snappy, so perhaps Samsung has managed to address some of its nagging performance issues.

Overall, it looks like Samsung is playing it quite safe with Tizen, keeping the look and functionality very similar to the Android experience that existing Samsung consumers will be used to. What do you make of Samsung’s Android spin-off so far?