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Tizen smartphone could reappear as a budget handset destined for India

After indefinitely delaying the Tizen powered Samsung Z, rumors suggest that the OS could reappear in a budget smartphone designed for emerging markets.
September 26, 2014
Samsung Tizen Conference

The Tizen smartphone is a concept that just refuses to die. The Samsung Z’s Russian launch was delayed over and over again, and now appears to have been scrapped in favour of pushing Tizen into the low-end market.

The latest Tizen smartphone whisperings suggest that Samsung could be planning to launch a budget Tizen OS powered smartphone in emerging markets like India. Given the explosive growth seen in these regions recently and the slowdown in the Western premium tier market, this could be a sensible use for Samsung’s operating system. However, Samsung would then be up against the likes of the new Android One smartphones, so will need some cost-effective hardware to compete on features.

Some preliminary hardware information has surfaced about this low-end Tizen smartphone, courtesy of SamMobile. According to the source, the smartphone will feature dual-SIM slots and a FM ratio, which are particularly popular features in India. The handset will also come with a 3.2 megapixel camera, which is pretty average for devices in this price range.

The big issue looming over Samsung’s customized operating system is still the lack of apps, although popular Facebook and Twitter apps are now supported on the OS. Samsung has recently moved some of its engineers over to focus on Tizen, and has been working on a virtual machine solution to improve the range of apps available on its platform. But it is still unclear if Samsung’s OS will be fleshed out enough to compete with Android when or if it finally arrives in smartphone form.

Samsung hasn’t confirmed any news on an entry-level Tizen smartphone, so we will have to wait and see if company makes an official announcement in the coming months. Do you think that Tizen will help Samsung grab market share in emerging markets, or should the company stick to hardware?