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Samsung's Tizen OS to play nice with Android apps... for a while

Rumors claim Samsung is in negotiations with two companies, in the USA and Korea, to develop virtual machine that would allow Tizen to run Android apps.
May 21, 2014

It may take Samsung some time before they can offer users a wide range of apps and services via Tizen. They may have a solution for this, though.

The latest rumors claim Sammy is in negotiations with two companies, one in Korea and one in the USA, to develop a virtual machine that would allow Tizen to run Android’s Java-based applications.

Why would Samsung do this?

There are some things holding Samsung back for now. The development and launch of a completely new mobile ecosystem is complex. They need to plan it well, especially with iOS and Android in the market. These well-established operating systems have a huge advantage in app support and development.

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Whether this is necessary or not is another question. This has been tried before by BlackBerry. The Canadian smartphone maker had trouble picking itself back up after the iOS and Android proliferation. They needed more app support and decided to let Android apps run on their devices.

BlackBerry already had its fans – and fierce ones, at that. Obviously, this move didn’t help much. Also, there is the argument that Samsung could probably just persuade developers to make Tizen apps quickly enough. After all, Samsung has a strong grip on the market.

Regardless, if the rumors are true, Samsung could be giving itself a bit of leeway with said virtual machine. This is said to be only be a temporary solution, and Samsung would dispose of this tool once it can live on its own.

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Is Tizen a threat to Android?

Now, let’s go back to the main question – can Samsung take over the smartphone market with Tizen? Samsung is so far above every other manufacturer that its only real competitor is Apple. The Korean giant has become crucial to the Android platform, and the company’s latest aspirations could be regarded as an impending threat.

The company has made a name for itself. Many out there don’t even relate Samsung to Google or Android… it’s just “Galaxy phones”. I do believe many users would flock to Samsung’s side, even if sometimes without knowing. As for us, we will probably stick with our beloved Android.

I just have to wonder if enough people would patronize other Android manufacturers if Samsung were to completely abandon Android at some point. What do you think?