According to a Samsung Securities report LG Electronics is looking like a good investment right now. The South Korean manufacturer may not be as big as its compatriot rival, but the flagship Android smartphone, the LG Optimus G has got everyone excited.

The report states:

“We expect LGE to achieve a turnaround in its smartphone business in 1Q13 and establish itself as the world’s third largest smartphone maker in 2H13 by producing better-quality products than its rivals, beating other second-tier players on the cost front, and expanding its global sales coverage. “

It also mentions the Optimus G specifically and suggests that domestic sales are “likely to beat expectations”. Analysts are comparing LG’s position in the coming year with the prominence the company enjoyed back in 2007-2008 with a strong feature phone line-up.

The report suggests that LG will go from 4 percent of the smartphone market to 5.8 percent next year. The expectation is that it will do so by stealing share from HTC, Nokia, and RIM. It also points out that LG is more globally competitive than Motorola, Sony, and “Chinese firms” which are all more “regionally focused”.

Interestingly there is also mention of successors to the Optimus G, called the “V2” and “GK” in the report. All in all it makes for a good read and you can check it out for yourself via the link below.

LG could certainly be the one to watch in 2013. If the Optimus G lives up to the specs on paper and the company follows it up with some more powerful Android smartphones, or maybe even a phablet, then it should rake in plenty of cash. We’re also hearing strong reports that the next Nexus will LG Optimus based. Looks like life’s good at LG.