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Samsung TecTile 2 tags now available, officially support Galaxy S4

Due to a change in the type of NFC controller used, the Galaxy S4 doesn't work with TecTile NFC tags. Luckily, Samsung has now released TecTile 2 stickers, adding support for the GS4.
May 17, 2013

You slammed down good money to upgrade to the Galaxy S4 and soon found it was everything you dreamed it would be. Unfortunately, you also soon learned your existing NFC TecTile stickers didn’t play nicely with Samsung’s latest and greatest.

The good news is that Samsung’s TecTile 2 stickers have now arrived adding support for the Galaxy S4. The new TecTile stickers come in packs of five, priced at $14.99. The stickers can be purchased through Samsung, as well as select retail partners.

So what’s changed with the new stickers? Basically nothing, other than switching the format to support the BCM2079x NFC controller found in the Galaxy S4. This means that the new stickers will work with older Samsung NFC devices, alongside the newest Galaxy. It also means these tags will probably work with other devices, like LG Nexus 4, that also use the BCM2079x.

Just like the first-generation stickers, TecTile 2 stickers work with Samsung’s Android companion app and can be customized to change settings on your phone, make phone calls or even launch special apps. Once everything is set up, using the stickers is as easy as scanning them. Whether these stickers are worth $3 a piece is largely up to you and how you use your NFC-equipped smartphone.

What do you think of NFC stickers, do you use them and feel they are worth the extra cost?