Handwriting is fading away in our digital era. Between PCs and mobile devices with swipe-enabled keyboards and autocorrect, occasions when we actually write on paper have become exceedingly rare.

Samsung’s Note series is one corner of the digital realm where it’s still possible to handwrite every day. The S Pen stylus is a major competitive advantage of the Note series, and if the video above is any indication, the Note 4 will bring even more emphasis on handwriting features.

The Note 3 introduced a few interesting features made possible by handwriting recognition – you can, for instance, search through your handwritten notes or scribble down an address or phone number, and the app will convert it (more or less accurately) into an actual memo. Our guess is the Note 4 will come pre-loaded with more handwriting detection features.

How often do you the S Pen on your device for writing things down or drawing?

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