Aside from launching a controversial but exciting advertising campaign for the HTC One S, T-Mobile is reportedly making efforts to strengthen its smartphone line-up, in an attempt to get back in contention with the “big guys”.

T-Mo hasn’t done a very good job at picking up “hero” devices lately, the Galaxy S2 being pretty much the most noteworthy exception to that rule. A freshly leaked User Agent Profile hints at a new device coming to T-Mobile in the near future, and, while it might not be a “super phone”, it could actually turn things around a bit for the carrier.

Codenamed SGH-T699, the future Samsung handheld is shrouded in mystery, with the only technical detail known about it being the display it will sport. Yes, it will come with a 1280 x 720 pix res screen, which is on-par with what all of today’s high-end phones feature, including the Galaxy S3.

Before getting overly excited and start assuming that this will in fact be the Galaxy S3, we should tell you that we are almost certain it won’t be Sammy’s new flagship. That’s because the Galaxy Note is codenamed T879, according to TmoNews sources, and a T699 code means that the phone will be more modestly equipped than the “phablet”.

We can also assume from the leaked document that the future Samsung phone will be powered by an ARM11 CPU, which unfortunately doesn’t tell us a whole lot. However, we already have a pretty good idea of what this T699 might be. Considering its display and the fact that it will probably be a device that fits into the space between mid-rangers and high-tech, it’s most likely that T-Mobile will finally receive its own Galaxy Nexus.

Whether that’s good or bad news it’s pretty difficult to tell right now, considering that the Nexus is still a very popular device in the Android world, but also that it was released way back in November 2011 in Europe, and in December in the US via Verizon.

There’s also a possibility that the T699 is not the Galaxy Nexus, so, for the time being, you should not put all your eggs in this one basket and wait to hear more on the subject. We should find out exactly what the T699 is in the coming weeks, so keep an eye on our website!

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