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The sibling rivalry between Samsung and LG is heating up once more. Even though the two electronics giants have kissed and made up last month by opting for an out of court agreement on their OLED patent dispute, we don’t think that they’ll be besties anytime soon.

In a tit-for-tat move, Samsung has filed a lawsuit against LG Electronics in South Korea for saying mean and factually inaccurate things in one of LG’s ads, which Samsung believes has tarnished its corporate image. The compensation seek is a cool 50 billion won ($45 million). In case you’re wondering, LG made the first move, as it launched a 10 billion won suit against its rival.

What exactly are they fighting about this time? Refrigerators. To be more exact, the sizes of the fridges.

Doesn’t sound like a hot topic? Well, if you’re into a more interesting Android-related courtroom battle that’s possibly looming in the near future, LG has said a week ago that it’s considering to sue Samsung for infringing its eye-tracking patents. The Galaxy S4 does share some similar eye-tracking features with the Optimus G Pro, though we’re not sure who’s copying who.

Frankly, we’re not keen on taking sides at all. So we’d love to see the two companies hug this one out again.

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