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Just yesterday we saw a mention of the Samsung Stratosphere 2 in a leaked Black Friday sales circular for Radio Shack. And while it was interesting to see that yet-to-be-announced phone included, today brings another mention. And interestingly enough, this mention seems to suggest that the handset should have already been released.

This latest flyer comes by way of BJ’s, a wholesale club. The BJ’s flyer did not mention any pricing, however they are offering it (for a limited time) with a $50 savings. The limited time part is what suggests the handset should have already been announced. Looking at the coupon, you can see the dates — November 1 through November 22. 

Of course, we all know that November 1 past several days ago and still no Samsung Stratosphere 2 is available for sale. Anyway, given we have now seen the Stratosphere 2 appear in two retail flyers in as many days — we suspect an announcement will be coming sooner rather than later. Or maybe, we can go three in three days.

That all being said, while this is all interesting enough — we are not sure how many people are anxiously awaiting the release. Well, aside from those who prefer a handset with a slide-out QWERTY.

Samsung Stratosphere 2

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